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People and location
Offices and rooms
Technology capacity

Powerful victories for the everywhere workplace

Today, businesses are trying to balance home, remote and hybrid working in a way where people have the option to work from anywhere, but which work best for you?

With just a few short questions, we'll analyze what collaboration solutions your business needs, and offer our expert recommendations on how to optimize your workplace.

How many people work at your business?

And how many of them have been working remotely since March 2020?

How many do you think will be working remotely at the start of 2023?

As for physical workspaces, do you expect your number of office locations to change?

We’re starting to build up a good picture of what your setup is like.

How many locations do you have?

And in those offices, how many meeting rooms do you have?

You're almost done with questions.

What conferencing technology do you have in your meeting rooms?

Please select all that apply.

And how would you rate your hybrid working capabilities between the office and home?

You’re a remote business


You’ve seen a rapid shift to remote working, with staff away from the office for the long term and adjusting to new ways of connecting and collaborating. Full time remote working isn’t always an easy adjustment. But technical difficulties shouldn’t get in the way, and people shouldn’t have to rely on workarounds and low spec tech to work.

Download our free tip sheet to learn how best to stay connected and maximize collaboration, wherever you are.

You’re a hybrid business


Your business is balancing remote and office work for the long term. You have all the culture and collaboration of a physical office, with the flexibility to work from home. But despite the benefits, the go between can cause hitches. Perhaps staff lack the equipment to enjoy a seamless transition, or maybe your premises struggle to keep up with the popularity of video conferencing.

Download our free tip sheet and discover our expert advice on best practice for hybrid businesses.

You’re an office-based business


You remain a mostly office-based business, and you can continue to enjoy the ease of collaboration that a physical location provides. But not everyone has followed that path, and many of the businesses you work with have adopted hybrid models and are increasingly reliant on video conferencing. Meaning you need to keep up if you want to maintain those external connections.

Download our free tip sheet and discover how to make video collaboration with others smooth and seamless.

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