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Will this solution connect the virtual workforce?

Today’s workplaces and distributed workforces require multiple ways to collaborate and communicate both inside and outside of a brick-and-mortar location.

Our Recommendation:

Choose a video conferencing solution that uses both video and content sharing to facilitate meetings. This can help enhance overall collaboration, speed of business, and bring together remote and on-site workers.

Is it easy to Setup, Use and maintain?

Understandably, you want to ensure your team’s meetings are efficient, productive, and start on time, but the average video call takes 8 to 10 minutes to get started.2

Our Recommendation:

By choosing a video conferencing system that is easy to use and familiar to participants, your team will no longer have to rely on I.T. to troubleshoot meeting set-ups.

Think plug-and-play simplicity so employees can arrive at their video meetings on time and far less frustrated.

Does it integrate with the video conferencing applications you’re already using?

One-third of surveyed enterprises use two or more video collaboration platforms to support their users’ communications requirements.3

Outside partners, vendors, and even employees may not use the same online meeting applications.

Our Recommendation:

Implement a system that works with a variety of applications to help ensure overall ease of use and user adoption — which means more workflow efficiency and collaboration across your team.

Will your company ever see a return on investment?

Deploying one $100K+ video conferencing system in one room may work with your budget.

Now, imagine deploying $10K, $20K, $30K and/or $100K+ systems throughout the company, plus their annual service costs.

Additionally, you’re locked into one video collaboration application that many employees may not know how to use.

Is this still a good investment?

Our Recommendation:

To keep capital costs low and enable the use of a wide variety of video conferencing applications, consider investing in USB ConferenceCam systems that leverage a laptop or computer to run the call.

Not only are these systems easier to set up and use but they allow your team to pair any video conferencing application and share content wirelessly at an amazingly affordable price.

How well does the system integrate with the existing infrastructure?

Employees use multiple collaboration tools during meetings, like mobile devices, web conferencing solutions, and possibly multiple room systems/setups.

Our Recommendation:

Ensure that any new video conferencing investment integrates well with the current infrastructure used.

When meeting spaces are equipped with the right tools and technology, employees are empowered to connect and collaborate almost instantly.


54% of meetings include remote participants via audio, video and/or web conferencing.


60% of video calls involve content sharing¹.


Meeting rooms with tech are used 5x more than those without.

Choosing the right video conferencing solution requires careful consideration of all requirements:

Its ability to connect the virtual workforce.

Ease of use.

Ability to use any video conferencing applications.

Overall return on investment, support needs, and overall ROI on spend.

Integration with existing infrastructure.

At Logitech, we've got you covered.

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