Are you maintaining fair, equitable hybrid meetings?

Study reveals hybrid meetings create an uneven playing field for remote participants

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In a “Hybrid Meeting Survey” study polling over 1,000 white-collar workers in Singapore, 54% of the respondents who joined a hybrid meeting remotely felt that they had fewer opportunities to build rapport amongst participants. 38% of the participants felt less included compared to in-person meeting participants.

With more hybrid meetings taking place today, the pressure is on for business leaders to ensure positive meeting experiences. Here are 3 steps to building a fair and inclusive meeting environment for both remote and in-person participants in your organization:

  1. Equip: Provide teams with enterprise-level equipment such as in-room video conference systems, webcams, microphones, and earbuds.
  2. Simplify: Having the right equipment is only half the solution - you will need to create an easy employee experience to match. Ease of use, deployment, and management are the three pillars to any successful implementation of technology.
  3. Empower: Taking an active approach when it comes to empowering and encouraging engagement from remote participants.

The mix of remote and in-person participants, especially in hybrid work arrangements, create unique challenges for companies wanting to run inclusive and participative meetings. Logietch conferencing solutions helps meeting organizers to make the world of work more equitable and productive.

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