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Logitech and Intel each bring unique strengths to video-enable virtually any meeting space. Logitech offers ConferenceCams that are application agnostic and easy to use while Intel® Unite™ software, powered by the Intel® NUC, provides wireless screen sharing designed to securely connect workers with smart meeting spaces—whether they’re remote or right down the hall. The combined solutions, along with the collaboration applications of your choice, give you a total system—the best of both worlds with high quality audio/video and processing power at an affordable price.

More information to follow on Logitech’s alliance with Intel.

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Wainhouse Review: Conferencecam CC3000e

Wainhouse Research, a market research firm that focuses on the collaboration market, recently completed an independent evaluation of the Logitech ConferenceCam CC3000e. In this Wainhouse review (not sponsored by Logitech), senior analysts offer their overall opinions of the CC3000e video conferencing solution along with the detailed findings of their first-hand, third-party testing.

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