Logi Bolt Powers Next-Generation Wireless Connectivity

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Introducing Logi Bolt – now standard across the Logitech for Business lineup.

Logi Bolt drives your business advantage with strong, secure, high-performance wireless connections to enable your hybrid workforce.

Safe and secure

Logi Bolt was designed to solve the growing security concerns brought on by an increasingly mobile workforce. Engineered with Bluetooth® security mode 1, level 4, Logi Bolt is FIPS compliant. This ensures that a Logi Bolt device and its receiver are fully encrypted and can only communicate with each other.

Pre-paired across Ergo and Master Series for Business

All Logi Bolt devices come paired with a Logi Bolt receiver for plug-and-play convenience. Users simply plug the Logi Bolt USB receiver in, power on their Logitech keyboard or mouse, and they’re ready to go.

Compatibility where it counts

Built to tackle evolving compatibility requirements, Logi Bolt works with just about every operating system and platform combination.

Strong, reliable connections

Logi Bolt delivers near-zero drop-offs up to 10 meters even in congested wireless environments, for up to 6 devices.

Discover the difference with Logitech Ergo and Master Series for Business

For maximum comfort, the Logitech Ergo Series for Business is scientifically crafted to promote more natural posture and reduced muscle strain. The Master Series for Business delivers precision to enable mastery of even the most complex workflow.

The Logitech for Business advantage

Meet the changing needs of your workforce with the backing of Logitech’s enterprise-grade, built-for-business lineup:

  • Globally distributed and certified in 100+ countries
  • Secure by design, with closed-system Logi Bolt connectivity
  • Purpose-built to accommodate the needs of a diverse range of end-users
  • Easy to deploy and manage, with a wide range of OS, platform and screen compatibility
  • Backed by a 2-year limited hardware warranty and Logitech Professional Support

Discover what Logi Bolt can do for your business.