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From meeting rooms to classrooms, whiteboards enable people to better brainstorm, collaborate, and conceptualize through visual storytelling. But to be effective, every participant must be able to see the whiteboard. For people joining over video, whiteboards are often too far from the camera, off to one side, or blocked by people and furniture -- frustrating remote attendees and leaving them out of the discussion.

Logitech Scribe overcomes these challenges by using AI and a custom-designed camera to incorporate whiteboards directly into video meetings. Scribe works with virtually any video conferencing application, and seamlessly integrates written whiteboard content into your meetings.

Dan Roam will demonstrate the power of visual storytelling and how Scribe can elevate collaboration in your organization. Join us and learn from the expert who has helped leaders at Microsoft, Boeing, eBay, Kraft, Gap, IBM, the US Navy, the United States Senate, and the White House solve complex problems with simple pictures.

Register to learn how to:
  • Communicate through “back of the napkin” diagramming
  • Present more effectively to both in-person and virtual audiences
  • Instantly share whiteboards into meetings with a touch of a button
  • Make it simple to deploy whiteboarding into all your meeting rooms (or classrooms) at scale

Featuring Dan Roam, author of 'The Back of the Napkin'

You won’t want to miss this!



Dan Roam
Founder & President
Digital Roam Inc


Daphne Li
Product Manager